Budget Commission & Citizen

The Geauga County Budget Commission is comprised of the Auditor, Prosecutor, and the Treasurer. Their role is to review and comment on government budgets across the county. Given recent property tax increases and levy’s that have been added it seems it would be good to have citizens on this board as part of the review. Watch dogs so to speak. In Ohio law that is possible.

Ohio Revised Code 5705.27 provides that provision. Recently a number of citizens signed a petition opposing the large property tax increases. That petition was nice, but it has no real impact on the outcomes. There is NO legal impacts. Putting citizens on the petition would make a difference. This is something that would make a difference. Join me in completing a petition to do that. We will need 2500 signatures by June. Please let me know you are interested in helping to circulate petitions. Email: skip@skipclaypool.com.

ORC 5705.27 Section: “There is hereby created in each county a county budget commission consisting of the county auditor, the county treasurer, and the prosecuting attorney. Upon petition filed with the board of elections, signed by the number of electors of the county equal in amount to three per cent of the total number of votes cast for governor at the most recent election therefor, there shall be submitted to the electors of the county at the next general election occurring not sooner than ninety days after the filing of the petition, the question “Shall the county budget commission consist of two additional members to be elected from the county?”