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Running For Commissioner

I have decided to run for County Commissioner in the 2024 March Primary.  Why?  Because I believe we need an experienced conservative Commissioner to fill Tim Lennon’s seat.    I will admit to disappointment that Mr. Lennon did not run.  There is a lot at stake in our county and we need an experienced person with judgment and a record of success.   We have a multi-million-dollar court building project, expanding property taxes, organizations outside of the county trying to change Geauga’s culture with very little being done to push back.   I have the experience and record of success that makes me the best choice as Commissioner.

People have told me they want a fighter who is willing to take on the wolves to keep them at bay.   I am that person, and my record proves it.

I love America, Ohio, and Geauga County.   I am a proud veteran.  I make no apologies for my beliefs.  And, YES I have strong opinions and have the courage to express them.  I express them openly to give voice to those unable or too weary to speak out.  Let me be YOUR voice.  Together we can keep Geauga a great place to live. 

I was proud of what I accomplished as a Commissioner and as a Trustee.   As a Commissioner I created a conceptual plan for the waste management recycling center and the new county building in the center of the county.   Unfortunately, I was not part of the design development.   I work(ed) to protect rural values, support the Amish community, and work to keep outsiders from changing the county culture.   Taxes did not increase under my watch.  We paid off the long-term debt, and much more.  My two-year stint as a Trustee went very quickly and it was a tough 2 years.  Covid hit shortly after being sworn in and that added a complication that was unpredictable.   Chesterland remained in business, and we served our citizens through the crisis.  During those 2 years I was able to save the township thousands of dollars.  I led an effort to modernize the fire station making it more livable for our firemen.   These things demonstrate my ability to get things done.

What will my focus be? 

Geauga County has a busy Commissioner’s office and some like to criticize it but having sat in the “chair” I can tell you that Geauga County is in good shape.   That said, Tim leaves a hole and there is a lot that needs tended to and there is a lot of activity that is best handled by a person with experience. Below are the departments in the county.  Many who read the newspapers may not know what the job entails.  

The county commissioner job is basically administrative. Mundane stuff like approving road funding, overseeing budgets, funding various departments and providing oversight. If you attend a meeting, you might be bored. However, County Commissioners face substantial decisions that impact resident’s lives and use tax dollars. The commissioner job requires a person with experience and good judgment. And an understanding of budgeting and good fiscal management. I have demonstrated those skills time and again.

My Priority Activities Will Be

  • Court House Implementation Project
  • Sale of 470 Center Street
  • Protection of County Septic Systems (there is a concern given the recent change in the Health Department) Septic system costs are going up? NO to high cost and impractical sewer systems.
  • Focused Buget Review and Review of Taxing Structures (I close look at all the budgets)