This is a personal website for Skip.   Running for political office is not in the cards at this point.  However, there is so much goofiness going on in the world and it is important that folks stay engaged to influence the outcome.  So my focus going forward will be to have a positive outcome on the political space.  Stay tuned. 

There are many organizations (government and private) that want to change our County to be more progressive.  Probably the worst is NOACA.  Most people don’t know about this shadowy organization, but to make it simple, they are a federally mandated organization.  The Biden administration is directing them.  Enough said.  An elected official CAN NOT call themselves conservative and support the woke agenda NOACA has created.

People have told me they want a fighter to who is willing to take on the wolves to keep them at bay.   I am that person and my record proves it.

I love America, Ohio, and Geauga County.   I am a proud veteran.  I make no apologies for my beliefs.  And, YES I have strong opinions and have the courage to express them.  I express them openly to give voice to those unable or too weary to speak out.  Let me be YOUR voice.  Together we can keep Geauga a great place to live. 

I was proud of what I accomplished as a Commissioner and as a Trustee.   As a Commissioner I created a plan for the waste management site and the new county building in the center of the county.   I work(ed) to protect rural values, support the Amish community, and work to keep outsiders from changing the county culture.   Taxes did not increase under my watch.  We paid off the long-term debt, and much more.  My two-year stint as a Trustee went very quickly and it was a tough 2 years.  Covid hit shortly after being sworn in and that added a complication that was unpredictable.   Chesterland remained in business, and we served our citizens through the crisis.  During those 2 years I was able to save the township thousands of dollars.  I led an effort to modernize the fire station making it more livable for our fireman.   These things demonstrate my ability to get things done.