The election is over and I lost.   Congratulations to Carolyn.   I feel I was the better candidate for a number of reasons, but the voters have spoken.   That said, I am not a passive person and there are many issues in the county that need to be addressed and I plan to remain engaged to try make a difference.    To all of my supporters, thank you so much.   I was honored to have all the support from putting out signs, to providing videos, and to promote my campaign.   I am leaving some of the videos on this page from some of my supporters for a period of time.

One of the many issues that should be look at is the new agreement between Lake and Geauga County. The Health Board has undermined Geauga Sovereignty look at my blog for the video and judge for yourself.   


Video’s from supporters are great to see.   Go to my facebook/friendsofskipclaypool page for many more videos.   See many more at facebook.com/friendsofskipclaypool  Thanks to all of these citizens who chose to speak up.




I love America, Ohio, and Geauga County.   I am a proud veteran.  I make no apologies for my beliefs.  And, YES I have strong opinions and have the courage to express them.  I express them openly to give voice to those unable or too weary to speak out.  

Now that the election is over, I will be transmission this site to a personal blog.  You may check back from time to time for updates.   To be clear this is now a personal site and NOT a campaign site.

Many folks in Geauga County do not understand what a County Commissioner’s job is.   The county commissioner job is basically administrative. Mundane stuff like approving road funding, overseeing budgets, funding various departments and providing oversight. If you attend a meeting, you might be bored. However, County Commissioners face substantial decisions that impact resident’s lives and use tax dollars. The commissioner job requires a person with experience and good judgment. And an understanding of budgeting and good fiscal management.