Geauga County Health Board

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I hear my opponent talking about wanting to do away with dysfunctional government. I feel the same way. I refer you to the March 15th […]

Integrity Counts

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Geauga County Voters Character matters, integrity matters. It is with regret that I am responding to some of the allegations by Mrs. Brakey in the […]

Campaign Report

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Campaign Funding Let’s be honest.   One of the challenges of a campaign in ensuring accurate differences between candidates.  I worked very hard at ensuring that […]

WOKE Geauga Health Board

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Last night I attended the HDAC (Health District Advisory Committee) meeting.   The HDAC is made up of one representative from each of our 16 townships, […]

Fortify Geauga Interview

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I am honored to have been interviewed by Fortify Geauga.  They are working hard to keep Geauga Citizens informed.   They are fair and honest.  Full […]

Geauga Republicans Endorse Skip

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OK… I can hear it now.   Skip is claiming that all republicans are supporting him.   Well maybe that is true.  Certainly, a large number of […]

Budget Commission & Citizen

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JOIN ME IN CIRCULATING A PETITION TO ADD TWO CITIZENS TO THE BUDGET COMISSION.  The Geauga County Budget Commission is comprised of the Auditor, Prosecutor, […]