Integrity Counts

Geauga County Voters

Character matters, integrity matters. It is with regret that I am responding to some of the allegations by Mrs. Brakey in the letters to the editors.  She was irresponsible which causes me great concern.

My opponent seems to think voters are dumb.   I do not.  And she made several libelous comments about me I need to respond to.  I have big concerns about her being a commissioner given that she distorts facts, lies, and libels her opponents.   In all of my campaign material I focused on factual differences and all my claims are provable.   I provided voting records, I provided funding percentages, I commented on the Lake, Geauga Agreement and provided information for people to read and judge for themselves.

First, I placed an ad in the papers that pointed out Carolyn’s lack of experience and depth as a candidate by pointing to her approach of using photo ops.  She attended a lot of pancake breakfasts, which is great, but you don’t judge a candidate’s qualifications by how many pancakes they can eat or how many pictures they take.   I have spent many hours volunteering at pancakes breakfasts.  (See my Facebook post on pancake breakfasts.)  I don’t bother people enjoying breakfast with their families.  I choose to tell you about my qualifications in literature.

Moreover, my opponent attacks me for making public information requests.   First, I did NOT make the anonymous public information request of the Geauga Health Board that resulted in the Health District office being shut down for a day.   If I make information requests I use my name.  Her comment in the newspaper was libelous.

Public information requests are part of our Ohio law.  They are a right that citizens have to hold a public office accountable.   Any candidate that cannot accept that should not hold office.   Any candidate that criticizes those making public information requests should apologize and step down.  That demonstrates a disdain for our Ohio law and the public.

I made the following public information requests:  health department budgets, presentation material providing justification for the cross jurisdictional agreement (none was provided), meeting minutes, and a copy of the Cross Jurisdictional agreement.   I requested this information to become informed and to be responsible in my evaluation.   It should have taken less than an hour for all these requests. These were reasonable requests and took very little time to provide.  It is shameful that Carolyn would mislead the public on this matter.   Adam Litke, Associate Director, responded and we met to discuss the Lake Geauga Agreement.   All of this was part of a normal process and Mr. Litke was professional in his responses and went above and beyond in offering to meet with me.