GOP Does NOT Endorse in Prmaries

It is unfortunate, but my opponent sent out a letter that made it appear as though the Ohio GOP endorsed her.  It was written in the third person as though the GOP wrote it.  That is NOT the case.   It stated, “Sincerely Ohio GOP” and ended with “paid for by Ohio Republican Party”.   These are required statements when you use the Endicia (postage stamp) of the GOP.   The candidate drafts the letter, and the GOP mails it.  The candidate reimburses the party for the mailing.   This process does not mean an endorsement.   Only two candidates were offered this service; Nancy McArthur (the party chair) and Carolyn Brakey.   Besides appearing unethical it violated the intent of a recent meeting of the Geauga GOP that we would NOT endorse in the primary.   This says a lot about the character of these two women.  We should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.    I make every effort to do that.   It is hard sometimes due to the complicated campaign process.   But this issue was easy to avoid.    Notice the county Chair is involved in the decision process.  She is running against a sitting commissioner and yet maintains the position that gives her a distinct advantage.  Not Good.

Here is that Mitch Tulley of the Ohio GOP said.

“Thank you for speaking with me yesterday. As I mentioned on both of our respective calls, the Ohio Republican Party has not endorsed in any local race in Geauga County or anywhere else around the state as we do not issue endorsements in any race below our State Legislative races. I know we discussed this at length, but we have a process that we follow to support local candidates with direct mail. I have attached a screenshot of our by-laws that specifically lay out that process to this email. 

As you can see from our by-laws, we follow the sole discretion of our GOP County Chairmen and appropriate State Central Committee members whenever the question of party resources and support arises. 

I understand your position, but we have an obligation to follow our by-laws. 

Thank you, 
Mitch Tulley
Political Director | Ohio Republican Party”