Dvorak is a RINO


Jim Dvorak is a RINO. There is a lot of evidence, but the picture below is all you need. Jim was a lifelong Democrat, he ran for a commissioner in 2012, lost, and then he changed parties to run as a Republican. Does that mean he changed his values? At one time he supported Sherrod Brown. He supported Clinton and Obama. He supported higher taxes, the green movement, and on and on…. All those things that we are living with today.

His decisions today are contributing to inflation. No you say. Well supporting NOACA and their high spending mentality and waste is contributing to inflation. Taking Geauga County gas tax dollars and transferring them to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County leads to more wasted tax dollars and to a mentality of waste. That has led to the progressive American Rescue Plan and trillions of dollar of waste that is contributing to the national debt and therein high inflation. Every decision we make locally that takes federal dollars that are not needed contributes to the inflation we are experiencing. But there are many more decisions made each day by the commissioners that impact Geauga County residents and his progressive values are not helping to stave off the wolves at the gate.

Let’s make RINO’s an endangered species….

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