Campaign Report

Campaign Funding

Let’s be honest.   One of the challenges of a campaign in ensuring accurate differences between candidates.  I worked very hard at ensuring that my campaign material is honest.   That is not to say I shy away from difficult topics.   It is important that voters get accurate information to make decisions from.   It is important.   Here is a fact that voters did not seem to care about and yet I think it is very important.   

My opponent’s campaign finance report shows that 49% (dollars) of her funding is from out of the county.   Who do you think she will be beholden to? Look at all those who are endorsing her.  Who do you think she will owe?   I don’t believe it will be the citizens of Geauga.    FYI… look at the Geauga Health Board Annual Report.  Check out page 2. Because we are with Lake County we now care about “health equity” in Geauga County.   “Health equity” is NOT a conservative term.  What does equity mean?  It is NOT the constitutional concept that “all mean are created equal.”  These terms are polar opposites.  We are also looking at creating Climate Change policies (page 5)?  Really?  This is our new progressive Health Board.

It all comes down to who do you work for.   I ran for commissioner for one reason, and I know it sounds corny and that is to serve the people in Geauga County.   I don’t need the money and am too old to care about future political opportunities. 

When I decided to run, my wife and I decided to fund my campaign. We have been blessed and are able to do so. I have done NO fundraisers and have not been asking for donations. Why? Because I do not want to owe anyone anything. I have not asked elected officials for endorsements for the same reason. My only commitment is to the citizens of Geauga County.

That said, some folks have chosen to donate. That is out of love or respect, and I could not be more honored. Someone asked me how someone might give. So out of respect to those who wanted to help, I put a QR code on some of my material.

That is in contrast to my opponent. When you take big dollars from donor’s, expectations are created, and I want my voters to know I am committing to look out for your interest and NOT those of Tammany Hall Geauga.

All that said I applaud any person who contributes to either campaign. My comment about big dollar donors is not a slur directed toward someone choosing to give up their money to be involved. A campaign is hard work and an emotional drain. I applaud Carolyn for entering the fray. But there are questions to be asked. And if you campaign, you must expect questions. Voters deserve to evaluate fairly based on all the information you can get.